Bumpers for tokens!

Recently a crowdfunding campaign dedicated to the release of a world hit board game Isle of Skye started in Russia. Of course we couldn't ignore it and we enthusiastically supported this campaign with a variety of accessories for the game. We provided an organizer, some unique tokens etc... But the main novelty is a bumper for cardboard tokens that is used as a protective element, just like protective sleeves for cards but for tokens!

However, unlike card protectors, which are mainly universal, protectors for tokens are made for a specific game, sized exactly as the cardboard game elements. The bumpers can be easily put on the tokens because of dimensional tolerance that is about 0.05 mm; at the same time the bumpers firmly hold the tokens and make them look outstanding! Besides the fact that with these bumpers the tokens are very pleasant to the touch and just look great, the edges of the tokens are safely protected.

Follow our news, soon all the additional stuff we provided for Isle of Skye will be available for purchase in our store!


Rubrand team.

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