August Lovecraft sales

August reminds us about birthday of one of mystical figures of 20th century who influenced and inspired lots of modern board games.

20th of August we celebrate Lovecraft’s birthday and prepared a little present for his fans:

1. Marvelous Premium Health and Sanity Counter White Edition.

Usual price 5.99 – August price 4.99

2. Sanity and Stamina tokens: full pack for Arkham Horror is a full and cool replacement of original tokens. Acrylic tokens are hard to ruin and easy to take care. You can even wash them after long hard plays…

Usual price 34.99 – August price 22.99

3. Closed Marker tokens for Arkham Horror (Wood) – an easy way to make game look more atmospheric!

Usual price 6.99 – August price 5.60

Feel great and play board games!