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April 30, 2019

May is a great time of the year!

There are so many important and special celebrations around the world that we cannot avoid them.

So we made 20% sale for several our products – so you will be able to get a wonderful gift for any celebration of this month!

May day, Mother’s day, Memory Day or Victory Day – or maybe you want to make a true geek gift for 4th of May Day?
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You can buy in May with discount:

1. Fordson tractor UMBUM 3-D paper model

Instead of 14.99 now price is 6.39

2. Plastic Tehnolog miniatures Russian Warriors (bogatyrs)

Instead of 5.99 now price is 4.79

3. Wooden (HDF) food tokens for Agricola board game

Instead of 11.99 now price is 9.59

4. Swords and Bagpipes board game

Instead of 38.99 now price is 31.19

5. The Kingdoms of Crusaders board game

Instead of 13.99 now price is 11.19

6. The Kingdoms of Crusaders: Ordonnance board game expansion

Instead of 12.99 now price is 10.39


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April 4, 2019

Space… How many of us dream about going outside our Earth? How many of us, dreamers and geeks, love sci-fi stories about space? We think “plenty”!

This month we have one of the greatest celebrations of human science and dream. 12 of April is The International Day of Human Space Flight. We call it Cosmonautics Day and celebrate it with love in Russia annually.

The day is named in the honor of the first human space flight by Yuri Gagarin, Russian spaceman, the one who was the first to look at our mother planet from OutSpace. That first flight took 1 hour and 48 minutes and those 108 minutes made a huge impact on our presence. Now we are all know that future imagined by sci-fi writers is near and we try to model it in many areas of our lives. Even in board games. Especially in board games.

To make you celebrate with us one of favorite celebrations of Russia – Cosmonautics Day – we made discounts on some great accessories and games connected with Space theme in our online RuBrand store!

You can buy in April with discount:

1. Buy board game Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! - Instead of 24.99 now price is 19.99

2. MDT-7 Dice Tower - old price 10.99 – now 8.99

3. Gravi Zappa Dice Tower – Old price 17.99 – now price 14.50

4. Buy custom acrylic tokens for Eminent Domain:

• Buy Water token (for Eminent Domain) - Old price 0.6 – now price 0.5 dollars

• Buy Silicon token (for Eminent Domain) - Old price 0.6 – now price 0.5 dollars

• Buy Food token (for Eminent Domain) - Old price 0.6 – now price 0.5 dollars

• Buy Iron token (for Eminent Domain) - Old price 0.6 – now price 0.5 dollars


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