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January 6, 2019

How can you decorate your board game table during your winter evenings? Try to put a stylish and multi-colored functional Kaleidoscope Dice Tower!

It can easily replace your usual Christmas tree and create special board game mood. With right light Crystal Kaleidoscope Dice Tower looks just breathe taking!

Dice Tower design.

Kaleidoscope Dice Tower has a design of another Rightgames crystal dice tower – Evo Dice Tower.

But we can notice that Evo (crystal "Infinity") Dice Tower looks kind of strict and drive you to scientific adventures in the land of evolution. If we talk about Kaleidoscope Dice Tower it got fun and festive mood. Because of six different colored steps: from bright scarlet to dark green.

Dice rolling on these steps bring to life a whole firework of color, and a slight crackle of steps only enhances the effect.

Especially great Kaleidoscope Dice Tower looks in the twilight when faint rays of light mysteriously refracted in multi-colored acrylic plates.

Bring your gift mood with Dice Tower!

Kaleidoscope Dice Tower is marvelous present to your board game friends. Kaleidoscope Dice Tower does not take much space on a table and looks just great!

Kaleidoscope Dice Tower is created of transparent and colored acrylic glass. You can put multi-colored steps of the Dice Tower in any order. Maybe you will even like to change their positions time to time. So Kaleidoscope Dice Tower will look as a new item and give you holiday mood again!

You can buy crystal Kaleidoscope Dice Tower at RuBrand.com.

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