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December 19, 2018

To date, we have prepared two complementary products:

1. Playnizer for the base game and a few expansions.

2. Box for storing miniatures №1 (1 is a serial number, not our inflated self-importance).

We will release the Box in three color options: Brown Edition, White Edition and Cherry Edition.

Playnizer for the base game (Mansion of Madness Second edition Organizer)

In the base game, the components are slightly less than in the photo, but with expansions, the free space will be very quickly filled with game components.

In fact, our Playnizer is not only for the base game, but also for several expansions.

In the Playnizer you will find:

- 3 (three) tile holders for playing fields. All tiles are arranged in size and in accordance with the marking. This arrangement gives you opportunity to find the desired tile as soon as possible. You can put them vertically next to the playing field and they will not take up too much space.

- A cardholder for condition cards with 16 cells. The card holder has two modes: storage mode and game mode. In the storage mode, the cards are stored in the lower compartment of the card holder. The game mode - you expose condition cards by condition type, which significantly speeds up the search for the required card. You can lay out cards by type of condition or in alphabetical order.

- Two-level cardholder with 4 cells for Damage cards, Horror cards, Common and Unique item cards. The top level can be used to lay out a deck of cards, and the bottom level for discard. Or you can use the top level for Condition cards, and the bottom level for decks of damage, sanity and things.

- A box with a lid for Clue tokens.

- A box with a lid for Dice (holds up to 20 dice).

- A stand with a lid for tokens of fire, darkness, research, etc.

- A box for Characters cards.

- Five stands for cards of players with notches for Clue tokens and / or Improvement tokens. You can put a character card in the stand or use it for active Condition cards. Up to three small cards can be put on the card stand.

- 2 mini-boxes for miniatures with medium stands (We recommend to put "Riot" miniatures in them.) The top box has a decorative cover with the name of the game.

- 2 display cases with transparent acrylic covers for tokens of secondary characters (with round niches), as well as for door tokens, secret passages, paintings, etc. (with rectangular niches).

In the box of the game there will be a small amount of free space for tiles from future board game expansions. In this case, both display cases can be moved into the Box with miniatures (a place for them is left there).

All cardholders, card stands and boxes are designed for cards in sleeves.

So we came to our second object of our review – the Box for miniatures.

Mansion of Madness Second edition Boxes for miniature.

Mansion of Madness Second edition Boxes for miniatures includes:

- A large storage box (in one of 3 color versions).

- A box for large miniatures (3 cells).

- A box for medium and small miniatures (4 cells + 18 cells).

- A box for small miniatures (18 cells).

- A box for miniatures of investigators (20 cells).

All the cells for investigators’ figures have signatures. It helps you to find a needed miniature quickly in the beginning at the game.

Do not be surprised that there are more cells than miniatures in the base game, because we remember about expansions.

The sizes of the niches in the boxes are such ones that you store miniatures there on original stands (The stands have such dimensions for a reason - a token with the characteristics of a monster is inserted inside.)

Since niches for the most part are the same size, you can lay out miniatures in the order that you like the most. For example, you can put monsters by type or alphabetically. The layout of the figures for individual cells is convenient. But you need to keep miniatures horizontally if they are painted. The unpainted miniatures can be stored vertically.

As a result, we get a convenient storage system for miniatures and a full-fledged playnizer, which will allow you to receive maximum fun from the game Mansions of Madness.

And while Cthulhu is sleeping at the bottom of the ocean, we wish you a nice day!

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