Unique accessories for ISLE OF SKYE board game, come and look!

Dear friends!

As you might have already noticed we love to be a part of the crowdfunding campaigns dedicated to the releases of the popular board games in Russia because every time the campaign is being started we have a lot of options and possibilities that allow us to experiment with the forms and types of various additional accessories for the games. It is a stretch of the imagination for our developers and designers who actually are really ambitious and crazy about their work! Every time we work hard and try to surprise you, our dear customers, with the greatest additional accessories for your favorite board games.

This time we want to show you the accessories we created during the campaign for the release of Isle of Skye board game in Russia. It has been a very interesting experience for us and in the end we made some absolutely unique things, here they are:

1. Axe tokens. Big, durable, stylish tokens designed for Isle of Skye board game to make your gaming experience truly unforgettable!

2. Protective bumpers for tokens. Some time ago we wrote an announce about the bumpers that can be used in the game as protective elements. Made of an excellent acrylic plastic they perfectly fit the size of the coins from Isle of Skye board game.

3. First player token stand. Thick plastic makes the stand not only look outstanding but also helps the players to keep track of whose turn it is.

4. Game organizer for Isle of Skye board game. The organizer can be used not only for storage of the game elements but also as a part of the game! It is so much easier to prepare the game table and to play the game when all of the components are stored in cool wooden separate boxes.

Those are just a few examples of what we create, follow our news to see more interesting, rare and unique stuff!


RUbrand team.

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