January 6, 2019

How can you decorate your board game table during your winter evenings? Try to put a stylish and multi-colored functional Kaleidoscope Dice Tower!

It can easily replace your usual Christmas tree and create special board game mood. With right light Crystal Kaleidoscope Dice Tower looks just breathe taking!

Dice Tower design.

Kaleidoscope Dice Tower has a design of another Rightgames crystal dice tower – Evo Dice Tower.

But we can notice that Evo (crystal "Infinity") Dice Tower looks kind of strict and drive you to scientific adventures in the land of evolution. If we talk about Kaleidoscope Dice Tower it got fun and festive mood. Because of six different colored steps: from bright scarlet to dark green.

Dice rolling on these steps bring to life a whole firework of color, and a slight crackle of steps only enhances the effect.

Especially great Kaleidoscope Dice Tower looks in the twilight when faint rays of light mysteriously refracted in multi-colored acrylic plates.

Bring your gift mood with Dice Tower!

Kaleidoscope Dice Tower is marvelous present to your board game friends. Kaleidoscope Dice Tower does not take much space on a table and looks just great!

Kaleidoscope Dice Tower is created of transparent and colored acrylic glass. You can put multi-colored steps of the Dice Tower in any order. Maybe you will even like to change their positions time to time. So Kaleidoscope Dice Tower will look as a new item and give you holiday mood again!

You can buy crystal Kaleidoscope Dice Tower at RuBrand.com.

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December 19, 2018

To date, we have prepared two complementary products:

1. Playnizer for the base game and a few expansions.

2. Box for storing miniatures №1 (1 is a serial number, not our inflated self-importance).

We will release the Box in three color options: Brown Edition, White Edition and Cherry Edition.

Playnizer for the base game (Mansion of Madness Second edition Organizer)

In the base game, the components are slightly less than in the photo, but with expansions, the free space will be very quickly filled with game components.

In fact, our Playnizer is not only for the base game, but also for several expansions.

In the Playnizer you will find:

- 3 (three) tile holders for playing fields. All tiles are arranged in size and in accordance with the marking. This arrangement gives you opportunity to find the desired tile as soon as possible. You can put them vertically next to the playing field and they will not take up too much space.

- A cardholder for condition cards with 16 cells. The card holder has two modes: storage mode and game mode. In the storage mode, the cards are stored in the lower compartment of the card holder. The game mode - you expose condition cards by condition type, which significantly speeds up the search for the required card. You can lay out cards by type of condition or in alphabetical order.

- Two-level cardholder with 4 cells for Damage cards, Horror cards, Common and Unique item cards. The top level can be used to lay out a deck of cards, and the bottom level for discard. Or you can use the top level for Condition cards, and the bottom level for decks of damage, sanity and things.

- A box with a lid for Clue tokens.

- A box with a lid for Dice (holds up to 20 dice).

- A stand with a lid for tokens of fire, darkness, research, etc.

- A box for Characters cards.

- Five stands for cards of players with notches for Clue tokens and / or Improvement tokens. You can put a character card in the stand or use it for active Condition cards. Up to three small cards can be put on the card stand.

- 2 mini-boxes for miniatures with medium stands (We recommend to put "Riot" miniatures in them.) The top box has a decorative cover with the name of the game.

- 2 display cases with transparent acrylic covers for tokens of secondary characters (with round niches), as well as for door tokens, secret passages, paintings, etc. (with rectangular niches).

In the box of the game there will be a small amount of free space for tiles from future board game expansions. In this case, both display cases can be moved into the Box with miniatures (a place for them is left there).

All cardholders, card stands and boxes are designed for cards in sleeves.

So we came to our second object of our review – the Box for miniatures.

Mansion of Madness Second edition Boxes for miniature.

Mansion of Madness Second edition Boxes for miniatures includes:

- A large storage box (in one of 3 color versions).

- A box for large miniatures (3 cells).

- A box for medium and small miniatures (4 cells + 18 cells).

- A box for small miniatures (18 cells).

- A box for miniatures of investigators (20 cells).

All the cells for investigators’ figures have signatures. It helps you to find a needed miniature quickly in the beginning at the game.

Do not be surprised that there are more cells than miniatures in the base game, because we remember about expansions.

The sizes of the niches in the boxes are such ones that you store miniatures there on original stands (The stands have such dimensions for a reason - a token with the characteristics of a monster is inserted inside.)

Since niches for the most part are the same size, you can lay out miniatures in the order that you like the most. For example, you can put monsters by type or alphabetically. The layout of the figures for individual cells is convenient. But you need to keep miniatures horizontally if they are painted. The unpainted miniatures can be stored vertically.

As a result, we get a convenient storage system for miniatures and a full-fledged playnizer, which will allow you to receive maximum fun from the game Mansions of Madness.

And while Cthulhu is sleeping at the bottom of the ocean, we wish you a nice day!

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September 8, 2017

Dear friends,

Please support our latest campaign on Kickstarter!

A few days ago we launched a cool campaign dedicated to the release of Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine board game - an intense strategy card game with dozens of choices each turn and numerous combos, inspired by all sci-fi worlds put together and fueled with frenzied humor!

Supervillian is what you all need to try yourself, seriously; visit the campaign page to find out more about the game, to see the reviews and, of course, to become one of our dear backers!


RUbrand team.

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December 14, 2016

Dear friends!

As you might have already noticed we love to be a part of the crowdfunding campaigns dedicated to the releases of the popular board games in Russia because every time the campaign is being started we have a lot of options and possibilities that allow us to experiment with the forms and types of various additional accessories for the games. It is a stretch of the imagination for our developers and designers who actually are really ambitious and crazy about their work! Every time we work hard and try to surprise you, our dear customers, with the greatest additional accessories for your favorite board games.

This time we want to show you the accessories we created during the campaign for the release of Isle of Skye board game in Russia. It has been a very interesting experience for us and in the end we made some absolutely unique things, here they are:

1. Axe tokens. Big, durable, stylish tokens designed for Isle of Skye board game to make your gaming experience truly unforgettable!

2. Protective bumpers for tokens. Some time ago we wrote an announce about the bumpers that can be used in the game as protective elements. Made of an excellent acrylic plastic they perfectly fit the size of the coins from Isle of Skye board game.

3. First player token stand. Thick plastic makes the stand not only look outstanding but also helps the players to keep track of whose turn it is.

4. Game organizer for Isle of Skye board game. The organizer can be used not only for storage of the game elements but also as a part of the game! It is so much easier to prepare the game table and to play the game when all of the components are stored in cool wooden separate boxes.

Those are just a few examples of what we create, follow our news to see more interesting, rare and unique stuff!


RUbrand team.

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November 23, 2016

Dear friends!

We are so thankful for you for everything! You give us motivation to create things and to make you happy, you make us want wake up every morning with smiles on our faces, you make us love our work and all the world around... There is not enough words to describe how thankful we are!

And for this, we want to give you all a small present - a Thanksgiving sale!

From 23rd to 30th of November use a promo code THANKYOU while checkout to get a 10% discount for any item from our online store.

Thank you again!


RUbrand team.

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November 17, 2016

Recently a crowdfunding campaign dedicated to the release of a world hit board game Isle of Skye started in Russia. Of course we couldn't ignore it and we enthusiastically supported this campaign with a variety of accessories for the game. We provided an organizer, some unique tokens etc... But the main novelty is a bumper for cardboard tokens that is used as a protective element, just like protective sleeves for cards but for tokens!

However, unlike card protectors, which are mainly universal, protectors for tokens are made for a specific game, sized exactly as the cardboard game elements. The bumpers can be easily put on the tokens because of dimensional tolerance that is about 0.05 mm; at the same time the bumpers firmly hold the tokens and make them look outstanding! Besides the fact that with these bumpers the tokens are very pleasant to the touch and just look great, the edges of the tokens are safely protected.

Follow our news, soon all the additional stuff we provided for Isle of Skye will be available for purchase in our store!


Rubrand team.

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November 3, 2016

In the end of October a very successful crowdfunding campaign dedicated to the release of Pathfinder Skull & Shackles card game in Russia came to an end. The campaign was so successful that it gained more than $20,000! Impressing, huh?

And we, RUbrand, supported the campaign with various additional accessories for the game. We provided wooden cardholders and organizers (already available for purchase), we also made some new special stuff such as a stand for Character and Location cards, which was extremely popular among backers, and also a Pirate Dice tower!

Follow our news, soon we'll start selling these cool new things!


Rubrand team.

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October 27, 2016

Hello, dear friends!

We have some news for you. What we wanted to say is that we’d love to see your happy faces and positive reviews as often as possible! That is why we decided to make our own hashtag that looks like this:

It is a great thing for us to have because this hashtag will help us a lot! And it means that now you, our amazing customers, can tag us, Rubrand, in any social network using this cool hashtag!

So, please, share your pictures and videos of our board games, dice towers, tokens and anything else in social networks using #rubrandstore. In response we'll send you lots of love, likes and maybe even a kitten picture! ;)

P.S. Check out our groups and pages, you'll find the links below. And remember that you're always welcome to join and follow us anywhere.


Rubrand team.

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October 7, 2016

Hello, dear friends and fans of “Evolution” board game!

We are very excited to share great news with you! The point is that we’ve developed a new expansion called Plantarum for the Evolution Origin of Species board game. The expansion itself is totally new and super interesting, we can guarantee that!

So, a few words about the new expansion: the main novelty is that we added another forms of living organisms to the game; these forms are various plants and fungi! Now plants produce food, which means that you no longer have to use dice and play randomly. With this feature you’ll know exactly how much food your animals get each round. The second amazing feature is that the plants can evolve and players can affect this process by adding various traits to the plants.

And, of course, it is necessary to tell you more about these new characters of the expansion – the plants! We have carefully considered all the details and tested this game many times. So, in the end, we decided to add different types of plants and complemented it with various useful traits. In this expansion you'll find such plants as a Carnivorous plant, a Liana, an Ephemeral plant, a Fungus, a Succulent and a lot more types of plants! In addition to these plants you'll find a wide range of traits such as an Officinalis trait, Aquatic trait, Spiky trait, Protein rich trait, etc.

Try it yourself and tell us your opinion about it! We’ll start selling the Plantarum expansion at SPIEL board game fair and it will be available for purchase in our online store soon.

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October 4, 2016

Good news everyone!

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL 2016 – worldwide biggest fair for board games – is taking place this October from 13th to 16th in a German city called Essen. And we will be there! Our stand number is 1-B121.

We have prepared a lot of interesting things for you! And now let us say a little bit about what we're going to show you.

First of all, we are going to bring all of our board games including such bestsellers as Evolution the Origin of Species and Swords and Bagpipes. The coolest thing is that we’ve developed an absolutely brand new expansion for the Evolution board game called Plantarum and you’ll have a chance to be the very first person to play and buy it! So, Plantarum is an expansion that adds plants to your game and makes the game more realistic, because now you can play in the conditions of ever-changing plant life!

Plantarum expansion for "Evolution" board game

Secondly, we're starting retail sales of our mechanical dice towers on SPIEL 2016 fair! Last year we started a campaign on Kickstarter introducing our mechanical dice towers to people and the campaign became so successful that we were truly shocked. With a help of 747 backers who pledged more than $30,000, this project got its life and now the dice towers are ready to give happiness to people.

Three dice towers from Kickstarter will be available for purchasing and also a few awesome new projects! Furthermore, we'll present a prototype of a new "crystalline" dice tower called EVO (only 20 samples available).

Mechanical dice towers by Rightgames LLC

As a nice addition, of course, we'll bring our full range of tokens for such games as Arkham Horror, Eminent Domain, Swords and Bagpipes, Evolution (NSG-version) e.t.c; we'll bring some organizers and player boards for the games Agricola, Pathfinder and Istanbul, and other accessories for board games!

And again, our stand number is 1-B121. Come and play with us!

See you, guys! ;)

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