Bear A Frenchman Toys With an Idea  Bear A Frenchman  is A poetic and lyrical guy, surrounded by the aroma of lavender and love.

Bear A Frenchman Toys With an Idea

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“A Frenchman”

A poetic and lyrical guy, surrounded by the aroma of lavender and love.
Height: 4 inches (10 cm)

Toys With an Idea are handmade to work magic. Each of these soft lil’ toys has its own mission – either to help you to finish up all the things undone, or bring you good luck. They will show national identity or just make you smile.

You shouldn’t always take your small friend with you, but let it live somewhere near you and it will work its mission all the time.

This is what the mistress Veta Polikarpova says about her adorable toys:

"My toys are so lovely and soft because they are mostly made of tender mohair and hypoallergenic acrylic baby yarn. They are stuffed with hollowfibre, which keeps shape pretty well and makes my toys machine washable. And it is a true happiness for me if the kids are playing with my toys!"

Some people don’t believe in magic but it doesn’t really matter. Do you know why? Because I, the person who makes all these fluffy charms, know for sure that they work magic.
I have a constantly growing collection of stories from my customers. One of them told me about Hippo Sunny, who lived with a girl for a couple of weeks, and then brought her a great boyfriend. Or the story about another Hippo (Defender this time), who helped one lady to recover after a long-lasting disease.

These are true stories from my customers. And they are priceless for me!
Let's believe in miracles together!"

Type Handmade toy
Material Wool
Color green
Manufacturer Veta Polikarpova
Shipping weight 0.15 kg
Contents 1 bear

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