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Fierce battles that include siege of the fortress are, for sure, the most interesting and massive battles. A lot of fantasy and historical war game scenarios allow you to arrange these battles.

As a rule, medieval castles and fortresses were protected with high and thick city walls and the invaders had to destroy them somehow. In course of time various siege engines were invented, especially interesting device was a battering ram.

The battering ram is an ancient weapon, a siege engine in a shape of a large log that should have been struck into the wall to destroy it. Often the log was strengthened with a bronze tip in the shape of a head of a sheep. Originally warriors just hold the battering ram in their hands and ran with it right to the wall but later a special canopy on wheels was invented. The defenders of the fortress often used very radical methods to save the wall, for example, they used different thermal weapons such as hot pitch, oil, resin, animal fat and other similar compounds to damage enemy personnel. The battering ram and the soldiers were protected from fire and arrows because the roof of the canopy was often covered with raw hides or turf.

A cantilever with a spiked tup was used against a battering ram. The weapon was mounted on the top of the wall and with its help the defenders tried to destroy a battering ram before it can seriously damage the wall.

The complete set includes a battering ram, a defense mechanism and a fragment of the wall. The wall is made of several connected fragments; it can be assembled in the form of whole or broken wall. Moreover, the fragments can be removed one at a time showing the gradual destruction of the wall. The log sways from side to side and is ready to hit the wall!

The assembling is easy, clean and safe because you don’t need glue, knife or scissors. The main material of the model is a hard cardboard with color print and embossment; there is an illusion that it is wooden. In addition to the kit you’ll find 12 flat cardboard miniatures of different soldiers.

We especially recommend this kit for war games and dioramas with miniatures. It is compatible with other elements of fortification (walls, towers, gates and medieval buildings) of the UmBum series presented in our store.

Historical period Medieval
Unit type War machines
Scale 28 mm, 25 mm
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.5 kg
Contents 44 details, an assembly instruction
Complexity of the assembly 3 (5)
Size of the assembled model (L*W*H) Battering ram: 6x3x3.5 inches (160x80x90 mm); defensive wall: 9x5.5x6 inches (220x140x170 mm)

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