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Ashigaru  Ashigaru wore a special lightweight portable folding armor called tatami.


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5 miniatures, 40 mm, metal, unpainted.

Japanese feudal armies consisted mostly of foot-soldiers ashigaru. They were people who worked for feudal-landowners and became common foot soldiers during times of war. Ashigaru wore a special lightweight portable folding armor called tatami and were armed with various types of weapons. The main weapons of the foot soldiers were naginata and yari - Japanese blades in the form of a spear. Although sometimes ashigaru were armed with bows (yumi) and swords. Since the 16th century the ashigaru were also armed with firearms and their importance on the battlefield has dramatically increased. In the Battle of Nagashino in 1575 ashigaru gunners armed with matchlocks stopped the attack of the elite samurai cavalry of the Takeda clan and helped Oda and Tokugawa clans win the battle.

The set includes: Standard bearer, Arquebusier, Archer, 2 warriors with yari

Miniatures for collectors

Highly recommended for historical war games 40 mm

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Faction Japanese army
Unit type Infantry
Scale 40 mm
Painting not painted
Material Metal
Manufacturer EK Castings
Shipping weight 0.4 kg
Contents 5 unpainted miniatures

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