Ancient catapult by Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci invented many machines that forestalled their time. 500 years ago he was developing a lot of weapons especially offensive ones. This catapult with a winch is a perfect sample of his work, it’s a real masterpiece.

The model reproduces its real prototype.

Please note that it’s a working model: while in a real catapult used flexibility of wood this model uses flexibility of plastic and tension of a thick cord. As a result you can launch a small stone at 8 feet!

The Catapult model kit is an original 3D puzzle that can be used any way your fantasy may suggest. It can be used as an important element of the medieval town defense or as a working weapon captured as a trophy.

The assembling is easy, clean and safe: you need no glue, no knife or scissors. The main material of the model is hard cardboard with color print and embossment; there is an illusion that it is wooden. In the catapult machinery uses a cord and plastic strips wrapped with paper.

You see, the set includes 12 flat cardboard miniatures of soldiers. They can be used as a crew or as enemy troops – a good target for your catapult!

The Catapult model cardboard kit will be interesting for both children and adults. It is a perfect chance to understand the mechanism of this ancient weapon. All children will be able to think of a great number of playing plots with the Catapult. For adults it is a great opportunity to get one more exhibit in the collection of miniatures and models.

Of course you can use the catapult in some war games as a part of the terrain. Note, there are a lot of different models of ancient war machines in this series by UmBum.

Historical period Medieval
Scale 28 mm, 25 mm
Material Cardboard
Manufacturer UMBUM
Shipping weight 0.3 kg
Contents 33 details, 2 cardboard projectiles, a rope, an assembly instruction
Complexity of the assembly 3 (5)
Size of the assembled model (L*W*H) 7x2x6 inches (190x60x170 mm)

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